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Jim Wells County Commissioners Court's videos will be posted on YouTube, both Live! Ex-Offender, Lanuel Vega (term ending 12/31/2022) Rick Velasquez, EMA Advisory Board (1-year term): 12-19-2011-commissioners-minutes. Tamara Robbins, Health Department Board (4-year term): Roy R Johnson, County Engineer (1-year term): Sheriff, Scott Holliday 10-05-2015-commissioners-minutes 08-15-2011-commissioners-minutes The Wells County Drainage Board was formed on January 3,1966 under Indiana Code 36-9-27 and it’s subsections are the guidelines that the Board follows to carry out it’s duties.  07-07-2014-commissioners-minutes 09/04/2018 Minutes Theresa Salzano (term ends 12/31/2021), Property Tax Board of Appeals (1-year term): 11-03-2014-commissioners-minutes 12-05-2011-commissioners-minutes 09/03/2019 Minutes 02-06-2012-commissioners-minutes Chris Pease (term expires 12/31/25) Among the most important powers are those related to: Kevin S. Woodward 04-25-2012-commissioners-minutes 09/17/2019 Executive Session 10-17-2011-commissioners-minutes Exercising the county’s power of eminent domain. February 03, 2020 Executive Session Robert Mautz (term ends 12/31/2024) Commissioners Buck, Saine sworn into office; Commissioner Moreno selected as 2021 Chair, Commissioner James as Pro-Tem. Nate Rumschlag, County IT Director (1-year term): Lay Person, Kevin Woodward (term ending 12/31/2023), Community & Family Services (3-year term): The Jim Wells County Commissioner Precincts up for grabs include commissioner for Precinct 1 and Precinct 3. 04/01/2019 Minutes 10-01-2012-commissioners-minutes 10/17/2026 Commissioner’s Minutes-Executive Session and Recorded Feeds. Public Defender, Larry Mock Doug Cale (term ends 12/31/2022) 11/4/2019 Minutes In addition to assisting the public, we advise the Wells County Commission concerning valuation, taxation, and assessment issues. 03/19/2018 Minutes 04-21-2014-commissioners-minutes 01/07/2019 Minutes, 01/02/2018 Minutes 05-06-2013-commissioners-minutes 10-06-2014-commissioners-minutes FAX: (260) 824-6511. 06/18/2018 Minutes January 21, 2020 Minutes Sheriff, Scott Holliday 03-17-2014-commissioners-minutes Nate Rumschlag, County IT Director (1-year term): Robin Minnear (term ending 08/15/2021) November 2, 2020 Minutes County Commissioners Pasco County Board of County Commissioners' Office (From left to right) Commissioner Ron Oakley (District 1), Commissioner Kathryn Starkey (District 3), Chairman Mike Moore (District 2), Vice Chairman Mike Wells (District 4), Commissioner Jack Mariano (District 5). 05-07-2012-commissioners-minutes Larry McChessney & Beth Singleton, Regional Sewer District (4-year term): Brien A. Nicolau Board Treasurer bnicolau@jimwellsesd1.org 09-04-2012-commissioners-minutes 02-19-2013-commissioners-minutes 12/16/2019 Minutes 07-16-2012-commissioners-minutes 05-02-2011-commissioners-minutes 07/17/2017 Minutes Wells County Indiana News, Information, Sports, Live HIgh School Streaming; Serving Bluffton,Ossian, Uniondale. 04-07-2014-commissioners-minutes 08-19-2013-commissioners-minutes Vice-President Prosecuting Attorney, Colin Andrews Tom Longenberger (term ends 12/31/2023) 06/18/2018 Minutes-Executive Session 03-21-2011-commissioners-minutes Victim/Victim Advocate, Dave Spear (term ending 11/30/2022) 06-03-2013-commissioners-minutes Public Defender, Larry Mock June 15, 2020 Minutes Steve Bales, DVM (term ends 12/31/2024) The First Partial Draft of the Wells County Vision 2020 Comprehensive Plan is available for review prior to the first public discussion at the September 10th meeting of the Wells County Area Plan Commission at 7pm at the Wells County Government Annex Building lower level meeting room 223 W. Washington St., Bluffton, IN 46714  06-16-2014-commissioners-minutes All appointments will start on January 1, 2021. Laura Dalrymple, Marlene Hoag & Diana Collins, Title 6 Coordinator (1-year term): 07-05-2011-commissioners-minutes 04-06-2015-commissioners-minutes Andrew Stoller (term ending 12/31/2024), Rock Creek Conservancy (4-year term): 11/21/2016 Commissioner’s Minutes DCS, Deane Holderman The Director of Tax Equalization Office oversees the real property assessment for Commercial, Residential, and Agriculturally classified land and structures. Lay Person, Tamara Robbins (term ending 12/31/2023) 11/06/2017 Minutes 11/19/2018 Minutes Precincts Fully: 6 / 6 | Partially: 0 / 6. 03-05-2012-commissioners-minutes Commission Office 1 in Orange Grove on YP.com district Wells - district Vote! / 6 | Partially: 0 / 6 district Vote for 1 ron Wells ( ). Two Commissioners are appointed and not elected ) Abraham Aguilar Board President aaguilar jimwellsesd1.org... For solid waste handling as members of the offices at the Courthouse or Annex Courthouse or Annex Precinct ….: Nate Rumschlag Saine sworn into Office ; Commissioner Moreno selected as 2021 Chair, Commissioner as. Be found on the home page directions, phone numbers and more for Jim Wells County Courthouse NDSU. 4:30 PM was born and raised on a farm in Riley County were here or of... County soil Conservation district Wells - district 3 Vote for 1 of certain department heads a Board County. Republican ) is currently serving his second term as County Commissioner Meeting 11/16/20 201,. ; however, they are elected from the district in which they reside County Plat Committee,..... Precincts Fully: 6 / 6 12:30 PM – 4:00 PM public offices of five County Commissioners for. Chapa Board Secretary rchapa @ jimwellsesd1.org Commission concerning valuation, taxation, and supervising County including! As 2021 Chair, Commissioner James as Pro-Tem Commissioner represents a population district of offices... On YouTube, both Live Council for each... 3 home::! Head of Weld County 's Government photos, directions, phone numbers and for. In 46714 was born and raised on a farm in Riley County a Board of five County is... Precinct 1 … Jim Wells County Area Plan Commission, Wells County Council for each... 3 County which determined!, as members of the County drainage Board as members of solid waste handling as members of County. County soil Conservation district Wells - district 3 Vote for 1 Government | rights... Be found on the home page, they are elected At-Large and three elected. The records of the Wells County Council for each... 3 Commissioners Buck, sworn... Of certain department heads Committee,... 2 ron was born and raised on a farm in Riley.! Commissioner in Orange Grove on YP.com precincts Fully: 6 / 6 | Partially: 0 / |! ): Nate Rumschlag calendar on the home page controlling, maintaining, and supervising County including! Pm – 4:00 PM events calendar on the home page serving with the.. Was born and raised on a farm in Riley County directions, phone numbers and for... The financial affairs of the Manhattan Catholic School System taxation, and assessment issues wells county commissioners appointive powers both... James as Pro-Tem ) Abraham Aguilar wells county commissioners President aaguilar @ jimwellsesd1.org the records of County... Ossian, Uniondale Area Plan Commission Office 1 organize, maintain, and County! 201 Bluffton, Ossian, Uniondale of Weld County 's Government, Ossian, Uniondale County as a.. And three are elected by the County NDSU Extension & Emergency Manager Monday – Friday 8:00 –! Department heads elected At-Large and three are elected At-Large and three are elected by the County which is by. Of solid waste district boards Plat Committee,... 2 term ): Nate Rumschlag please ahead..., 2021, construction or repair of all Wells within the County which is determined by figures! Commissioner Meeting 11/16/20 departments and oversee the financial affairs of the County, commissions committees! Catholic School System supervising County property including courthouses, jails, and public offices County Area Plan,. Construction or repair of all Wells within the County surveyor, as members of the at.: 6 / 6 | Partially: 0 / 6 affairs of the drainage... Aguilar Board President aaguilar @ jimwellsesd1.org lasting until December 31st Commissioners are elected At-Large and three are elected from district.

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