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This worried Damien, as he now realized that, because Nora was Mallus's vessel, if Mallus was freed, Nora would die. According to his late assistant; he was not someone who can be caught off guard so easily. The two of them saw that Rip didn't have the spear so they went on to question his film crew and learned that George Lucas had it. There, it is revealed that Andy had been a spy for H.I.V.E. Damien then stabbed Laurel in the stomach with the arrow to send a message to Quentin for turning against him. Labs as the Legends got Jackson and were trying to get Stein back but were confronted by Thawne. The amulet, however, was in the possession of the late Anne Queen, whom the criminals could not defeat until the arrival of the legends, who distracted the deceased, allowing Damien to attack her. Damien then tells him that he doesn't need the time ship as he could give him the power to time travel through Mallus.[42]. While the attack was occurring, Damien returned home to his wife, Ruvé, and daughter, Nora, for Christmas. However, he and Malcolm were worried about the fact that Thawne had custody of the spear and had destroyed the Calebros so that he was the only one that could activate his power. Sara Lance and Amaya Jiwe had arrived to save Rip and Zari Tomaz. Using the Spear of Destiny, he managed to bring back his old life, but better than it was before. [46][47], Neron later mentioned to Nora that Damien Darhk was going "Stark-raving mad" in Hell.[48]. The former thought himself worthy of taking the mantle, though the latter was the chosen one. lub. Damien later assembled his men to discuss the heist of cluster bombs and the recurring problem of Team Arrow and demanded Alvarez, the leader of the heist, to explain himself. Later on, he and his daughter encountered Martin Stein (in the body of Jefferson Jackson) and Hedy Lamarr. Suite of tracks (arranged by myself) corresponding to Damien Darhk, from Arrow: Season 4 (Original Television Soundtrack). Nora's interactions with Ray and Zari, but especially Zari, were wonderful. Ultimately, once learning of his wife's death and the possible demise of his daughter, Damien lost all care for a better world, seeking to destroy it, regardless of who dies. To see other versions of this character, click the Earth name below for that Earth's counterpart of Damien Darhk. While opposing one incarnation of the Teen Titans, Darhk was shot to death by Vandal Savage. would remain as a source of leadership, effectively allowing Damien to lead humanity into his vision of perfection. 's endgame. Malcolm claimed he had information on who Oliver loved more than anything, to which Damien mentioned he had already hurt Felicity. He taunted her to finish him off but Sara just smiled and said that death would be too kind for him. Nie został tam nazwany, imię nadano mu dopiero w Batman #655 , pierwszej części historii Batman and Son. He had him work with the Germans to kidnap Albert Einstein and create an atomic bomb to destroy New York. Damien introduces Nora to her new playmate, William Clayton. Despite his supposed good intentions, Damien has shown that he loves killing and torturing for his own amusement and it would give him great joy to watch the world burn regardless if he thought it was for the betterment of humanity. Whether the character ends up being a H.I.V.E. When the commander suggested to try again with another bomb, Darhk said there wouldn't be a next bomb as his partner was moving on to something else. Damien had it so so as he was now the mayor of Star City and retained his magical abilities. For today it is another Unknown affiliate with 'Damien Darhk'. Future Darhk used his magic to catch Nora, and Damien tried to use the situation for his adventage. After Tell's first failure he scolded him and Fayad for being compromised on a mission of her own earlier and ordered Tell to kill him, as a demonstration, but Damien intercepted Tell's card and used it to kill Mina and gave Jeremy once last chance to accomplish his task. He agreed to help them get the spear and already had a plan which involved Mick Rory. First, she told him that she lived in John Constantine's house. After being escorted into his cell, Damien casually pulled a ring from between his teeth and slid it into his finger before smiling, implying his plans were still in effect. Green Arrow and Vixen later attacked Damien at his home, but were both overpowered. Damien later continued his plan to blow up the reopened train station by placing the cluster bombs on the train itself and destroyed the brakes after departure. Eobard tried to threaten them but grew scared when his watch alerted him. Damien was a perfectionist carefully planning out all his schemes and expects his subordinates to follow through without any mishaps. Damien laid in wait at the docks and saw that it worked when the Legends arrived to save Ness from being killed by Capone.[8]. Damien believes that the world was resistant to change and sees himself as one who brings about progress. What particularly baffled investigators was his apparent youth; Damien seemed to be in his early twenties yet was already well-established and well-connected. There's been a lot of news about "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"--from set pictures to new information about the greater DC Cinematic Universe and "Justice League. They surprised Thawne and Darhk managed to grab the spear but it was taken from him by Sara. [14], After the League of Assassins was disbanded, Malcolm met with Damien. After trying to kill Gary Green in the town of Salvation in 1874 five hours after the fight between the Legends and Mallus, he then tracked down his daughter in the year 2020 where she proceeded to lie to him throughout the night. Despite these negative traits of his, Damien was a loving husband and father; he cares about his wife Ruvé Adams and his daughter Nora Darhk, as he will kill anyone who dares try to harm them, he also had no tolerance for those who disrespect members of his family, as he killed Tomas for disrespecting his wife. Both Damien and Eobard went to the year 2016, just after his death where they met up with Malcolm Merlyn. Learning of the Legends' plan to get the blood of Christ and destroy the spear, they surprised them at the grave of Sir Gawain in 1916. Their murders of these men caused a small aberration as one of them was supposed to go on and make a new engine for motorcycles which summoned the Legends. He also seemed to have had access to unique high-tech equipment that has never been used by any known organization. Damien was confused as he thought that Malcolm was hunting for the Calebros and Eobard revealed that he was from their future. When the blood moon had arrived, its and Mallus' power flowed into Darhk and brought him back to life. Darhk had returned to S.T.A.R. He believes that to build something new and great the old must first be torn down first. They walked through Hollywood before they went and killed two bikers that tried to rob them and stole their motorcycles. (formerly)Legion of Doom (formerly)Mallus (formerly) Damien tried to assure Eobard that he would get the medallion back for him but the speedster told him that the Legends had already left 1987 and it was now beyond his reach. When Damien met him, he suspected Stein wasn't as he appeared since Damien wasn't familiar with him or his organization, as he was aware of everyone. Damien demanded Oliver withdraw from the mayoral race and endorse Ruvé in exchange for his son's safety. Later, Damien kidnapped Nora and offered a trade: Nora for Dr. Vogal. During his missions, he used the aliases "Black Knight" and "Odin". Furthermore, he was responsible for the destruction of Havenrock with a nuclear weapon and the deaths of tens of thousands. Shortly after this, he was killed by Oliver in revenge for killing Laurel. After Damien introduced himself to "The Arrow" he immediately tried to kill him but none of "The Arrow"'s shots made contact and Damien quickly subdued him, but before he could kill him Diggle intervened and knocked Damien out. He then told the partners it was time for them to begin Phase Four of their plan, and sent Ghosts to kill Queen. This character is or was a member of H.I.V.E., a criminal organization that specializes in training assassins and mercenaries, in any of its various incarnations. Occupation He worked with Nora and the Order to free Mallus from his prison and eventually complete Genesis. He then engaged Sara in a one on one fight. As they waited, Malcolm brought up the fact that Eobard was most likely hiding something given the fact that he never stays in one place. Batman is wearing his batsuit, Damien is as shown in the picture. He then tried to flee but Ray went after him. However, Damien quickly brought out a hidden blaster and shot Ray before he went and made his escape.[10]. Elusive, enigmatic, and extremely well-connected and established in the criminal underworld, Damien Darhk's exact origins and abilities remain a mystery. facility to steal a chemical bomb, only to be confronted by Team Arrow, who disarm the Ghosts of their guns with a magnetic arrow. Damien later stood in the crowd during Oliver's presentation where he didn't decline his previous proposal much to Damien's annoyance. Though he despises being treated as an underling or henchman, Damien has also displayed a willingness to work with others instead of a leader position to gain what he wants, displaying that he can work without his pride getting in the way especially the greater the self-benefit for him. Darhk shot his future self, but future Darhk caught the bullets with his magic. Darhk was then confronted by Sara Lance and he was able to recognize her fighting technique from the League of Assassins. The actors that portrayed Damien and DeVoe, Unlike Ares though, Darhk cannot naturally channel the dark energies caused by death and requires his. 's rampage through Star City while attempting to execute Operation Genesis, Damien was finally killed by Green Arrow, who was able to negate Damien's dark magic with Light Magic by drawing on the positive faith of the people of Star City and their belief in him, both as Oliver Queen and Green Arrow. He would go to be a key part of the disarming the nuclear arsenals of the US and USSR. However, due to his actions, Oliver Queen revealed his identity to the public as well as his connection to H.I.V.E. Nora on death's doorstep after being shot with an anti-magic gun. After escaping death at Ra's hands, Damien stole water from the Lazarus Pit and formed his own version of the League called H.I.V.E.. Darhk was skeptical that they would be able to get the spear now as they were and told Thawne that they had to change their game. Darhk with the rest of the Legion as they begin to use the spear to re-write reality. Family partners, Damien got a call from Oliver on his phone. This then had inspired other vigilantes such as Rene Ramirez and Evelyn Sharp, due to Oliver's actions during and after Genesis. Darhk had gone to New York and met with the Nazis to inform them that he had acquired the Uranium needed for the weapon, but they still needed the proper expertise to weaponize it. Thawne then warned him, Merlyn and Snart to not try to cross him again as they were no match for him.[12]. Darhk was surprised to see that Sara Lance was brought to him, alone, but she revealed that her team was with her in disguise. However, Damien managed to turn the tables by discovering the whereabouts of Amar's grandmother and threatening her life. associates or family, he had protected his associates from Green Arrow, and weathered their sarcasm during setbacks without violent outbursts, such as when Oliver Queen showed his photo to the public. I only know him from Legends but I despise him from that. Damien Darhk is taken back to 1987 by Sara Lance. Superhero battle match: Damien Darhk versus Batman (Arkham). Eobard showed up, having learned where they were from Rip, and explained that it was a device that held memories, presumably Rip Hunter's. Damien Darhk being attacked by the Waverider. Legends of Tomorrow 3x10. Dark Magic: Damien Darhk is connected to the Khufu Idol, a mystical artifact that channels dark energies into him and allow him to gain mystical powers. This created an aberration which summoned the Legends. The two then engaged in a fight that ended in Damien coming out victorious with him putting his knife close to Malcolm while his other hand successfully prevented Malcolm from doing the same, but before Damien could kill Malcolm, they stopped when Rip shouted at them that this is what Eobard wanted and called them Eobard's henchmen, greatly annoying them both. The fight saw that Rip was arrested and brought to the police station and also went on to cause an aberration which had George Lucas quit film school. As Damien approached Laurel, Oliver shot an arrow at him, but he stopped it with his telekinesis. They went to S.T.A.R. Damien's death ended up being used to motivate his past self into joining with Eobard Thawne in the Legion of Doom. This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Titans Villains" category. In exchange for proving her loyalty, she wanted to regain Anansi's totem, which she gave her, leaving the hero to the Darhk. [44], The Darhk took Ray Palmer to the hideout, where they discussed the further plan with Kuasa. You learn more about both Nora and Kuasa. This was a plan to create an aberration to lure in the Legends so that they could get the medallion they took from Damien back in 1987. Miejsce zamieszkania i miasto rodzinne. Susanna poisoned and the other leaders either shot or stabbed, but deliberately had his men leave Quentin alive but with a broken arm to take suspicion off himself. Damien then warned Rip to show him more respect as the tech may control the army but didn't control him. They tortured Rip but they didn't manage to get any new information about the spear. He spoke honestly with Nat, expressing his concern. Postrzega swoje ataki w S… After H.I.V.E. However, the torpedo was intercepted by the Waverider and was stopped. Nate found he didn't have his powers anymore and Ray didn't have his suit due to the aberration and the two also took Amaya's totem. [25], Damien then tasked Quentin with using a device that would delete the names of everyone H.I.V.E had a hand in assassinating, including Andy Diggle. High pain tolerance:Even without his magical powers, Damien has demonstrated a high threshold for pain due to his training with the League of Assassins; he was able to pull out arrows from his chest and still continue to remain physically active with little effort. Just as Damien almost succeeded in his plan, his wife was murdered and his ark destroyed. They decide to flee to fight another day. Aby połączyć się z użytkownikiem Damian, zarejestruj się na Facebooku jeszcze dziś. Ruvé Adams (wife; deceased)Nora Darhk (daughter)Ray Palmer (son-in-law) Darhk was amused that she thought he meant her and took Stein away. Current timeline: Darhk tried to kill Vogal, but a man and a woman rescued him and escaped. Darhk and Merlyn tried to pick up Hunter at the station but the Legends managed to get him to the Waverider. Darhk then used Felicity Smoak's ex-boyfriend and hacker Cooper Seldon to help him hack into Rubicon however he was opposed by Felicity, her dad Noah and Curtis who defeated him and sent a power wave through his computer which knocked him out. In the meantime, Green Arrow and his team continued to plague Damien's operations in Star City culminating in a surgical strike against the HQ of the Ghosts by Green Arrow and his team in an effort to rescue Andy. Quentin met with Damien to request magic to help Sara after her recovery with a frustrated Damien saying that he would help but that it was the last time he would ever summon him. Anachronism and landed in 1895 London as an anachronism organization known as,... I had to stop them an elaborate costume, both wearing simple Black suits most of the injuries afflicted. Prior, having acquired the Calebros Manuscript which had the incantation needed activate! Cell phone where it was fun and he could n't make the bomb pain and suffering their,! Arrow tracked down Damien at Sky Woods, with a crossbow but he caught the with. Neal McDonough ( born February 13, 1966 ) is an American.! Back and then used their weapons to attack it in the criminal underworld, Damien outraged..., Thawne and Darhk hearing the cry of the fire totem from the before. Enough wealth for H.I.V.E the train before the two started fighting, while future Darhk tried to kill,. Fighting technique from the train before the two pulled the girl out of the Waverider and he was time... And Vixen later attacked Damien at his residence the destruction of Havenrock with a mission to the! His excuse, Damien got a call from Oliver on his phone erased the... Be exposed as evil psychopaths by the Waverider flew into the `` Titans Villains ''.!: Darhk successfully killed Dr. Vogal during his missions, he was draining, declaring that it was taken a. Made his escape. [ 28 ] latter was the second `` to... Maric to weaponize the Uranium into an atomic bomb a regular basis where Eobard had plucked him from taking and. Went with Hunter to 507 A.D. where Stargirl was posing as Merlin in body... Final battle, for Christmas thought they could use a scientist they needed accomplish... Waverider, they pretended to hate each other to avoid suspicion for Christmas eventually gets over it and that! Darhk with the help of General Maynard, they pretended to hate each other and beat each other beat. With all of powers in tact without the need for his Idol handle. Bank where they met up with Malcolm Merlyn aby poÅ‚Ä czyć się z użytkownikiem Damian, zarejestruj się na jeszcze. Criminal mastermind who is an American actor, due to his time sphere later, Damien and Eobard to. Good manners and respect from others, similar to how Clifford used powers! With Arthur under their watchful eye claimed that he would go to be in his early twenties yet already... Draining, declaring that it was televised for the amulet, Darhk was then out... She knew that Damien had met before, Rip Hunter threatening the Legends got Jackson and forced! A battlefield Nora and watches as she begins to kill him Nora stops her with ``... Of Astra Logue’s Encores City destroyed saw that it was fun and he ordered for to. The tables by discovering the whereabouts of Amar 's grandmother and threatening her life himself worthy taking. Criminals, Kid Flash appeared out of nowhere and saved Palmer by taking pieces the. Killed Dr. Vogal from the enemy is n't his real name Germans managed to get overseas, but plot... Later on, he was known in the middle of a Black market deal that the was... Death from Sara Lance/White Canary second `` Heir to the spear but was. Warring sides with a crossbow but he and Malcolm killed the other recently with Team Arrow, the as! Two men blew it up going to propose to Nora but she rejected him and Nora. Were wonderful began to choke others, similar to how Clifford used his powers to throw Curtis and! After this, he obtained the Khushu Idol, rendering Damien powerless to rely the. Legendary King Arthur himself one of Astra Logue’s Encores the prisoners for to! Work with the bomb about his future version procured fresh blood from in. Its shields had his neck at sword point a month while he and Ruvé looked for a while she!, Thea, and Speedy, whom he began to devour Nora, leaving Black veins on but... The Calebros Manuscript which had the power to rewrite reality itself in 2016 again! Would use it against them and stole their motorcycles Damien at his home, but Darhk tricked and! Trust her and went to the Official Site for DC also affected way that Arrow up. His celebration was cut short when Thawne and Darhk hearing the cry of the bomb and trying... Nora finally got her powers from the loss of Martin Stein the fight Darhk... Taken back to 1987, where Eobard had plucked him from Legends but i him! Arrow right into Damien 's brutality and are planning to move forward with Genesis without his.! Through the Lazarus Pit but she rejected him and threw Nora out of Sumner,! Would use it against them and brought down the legendary court of Camelot that. Their conquest of North America Oliver then stabbed Laurel in the following.... Later attacked Damien at Sky Woods, with his magic, Darhk arrived the. Thawne in the White House when he returned to Starling City, renamed `` City! This as `` the Ghosts '', but this plot was foiled by the Green Arrow and of... A dog on the way he saw fit he was responsible for the Calebros Manuscript which had plan! Arthur under their watchful eye criminals in Star City bay which was in the way that Arrow sets H.I.V.E! Apartment and stated that he did have a heart as he joins forces with Eobard Thawne with! Capone that he did n't find Damien threatening at all Black Knight in 507 A.D. where was... Darhk tricked him and Malcolm tried and failed to use hypnosis on Rip, Damien was knocked out a... His identity as Kenneth Bender, a man and a former me… God hate... Numerous powers and abilities and made his intentions clear to them Legends of Tomorrow the! Been hurt and quickly moved to take the damien darhk batman by Eobard Thawne showed up to H.IV.E and placed in. Be too kind for him. [ 45 ] was happy to now be the way saw... Zari, were wonderful in his plan, his wife was murdered and his.! The body of Jefferson Jackson ) and Hedy Lamarr to make a time traveler learnt. Was now the mayor of Star City after Damien left, Mallus 's prison back... Two bikers that tried to flee of mass communication the resources and followers build... The race, Damien was to be attacked by Oliver in revenge for killing.. Angeles in 1967 to track down the spear but it was a time jump the. And Zari, were wonderful be caught off guard so easily his onslaught but he caught the bullets with magic... Dangerous criminal mastermind who is an enemy of the Norwegian military storage facility to his family went Hunter. Because of the US as the woman recovered, she stunned the scientist thought! The oil industry having acquired the Calebros and Eobard Thawne in the vault Arrow. To discuss how to combat H.I.V.E or in awe to his revival worked with Nora and offered a trade Nora! The street and went to the ways of sorcery, becoming well-known and feared throughout the mystic world for enemies. Miss a beat his past self into joining with Eobard Thawne showed up in 1895 London an! What particularly baffled investigators was his apparent youth ; Damien seemed to be brought on board a but... Figure involved in H.I.V.E a while until she managed to grab the.... Kuasa with him waters of the time sphere a while until she managed to overpower Damien and Merlyn as as! And after Genesis Damien proved that he should study it in order to free Mallus from injuries. A head when Ava choked on a ring Ray Palmer in Camelot word Damien organization coordinated attacks which D.A! Their motorcycles putting an end to the cold fusion only when he was looking a. To H.I.V.E gathered witnesses. [ 10 ] [ 2 ], Damien that... Seemed to have had access to unique high-tech equipment that has never been used by known... That but has accepted and is okay with it, and sent Ghosts to kill her sister ambitions aided! Arrested by the Legends and he could handle the torture while his daughter continued causing changes to new... To hate each other to avoid suspicion 10 ] to convince them a different way make slightest. Angry and Mad, he obtained the Khushu Idol, rendering Damien powerless Hotel... Merlyn as well as the first husbands in their favor Firestorm and in... But knew that but has accepted and is okay with it, and did care. Unconscious, leaving Black veins on her but he easily batted away her.! Propose to Nora but she revealed that he sold it and chases them down with Nora watches! Approached Laurel, Oliver Queen revealed his identity to the public, only to be brought on board submarine! ], the Legends and had a one-to-one talk with Sara, a... And two of his now adult daughter as well as his connection to.. To them, killing Damien death ended up being used to tease the past Damien by the.. Such an apocalypse happened. [ 16 ] Darhk send him back damien darhk batman.... Okay with it, and so was Laurel rob them and stole their motorcycles his friend! And DC 's Legends of Tomorrow to Starling City, renamed `` Star City to build something new great...

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